The Total Economic Impact™ of MS Dynamics 365 Finance

Dynamics 365 Finance uses the power of the Microsoft Cloud to drive global scale, financial dexterity, and operational proficiency while protecting existing investments. Organizations can use real-time insights to improve business outcomes and automated processes to promote productivity. Interoperability with other Microsoft solutions ensures business data is securely available within workflows. Organizations can avoid additional hires, reduce burden on staff, and modernize disconnected legacy ERP solutions.


Digital initiatives need to drive transformation across the business model, which includes financial, operational, and organizational processes. Yet many enterprise resource planning (ERP) initiatives have failed to deliver on their promises to unify and connect business processes. Legacy systems became highly customized to meet the needs of businesses and are difficult to update or change to support new digital business models. Finance, operations, and manufacturing professionals fear the wrong kind of disruption to their organization’s ERP system could cripple the enterprise.


Today, we see the beginning of a new era of operational systems that are so different that calling them ERP systems no longer makes sense. Forrester calls them digital operations platforms (DOPs) to reflect their agile, AI-based, and experience-driven nature and the critical role they play in digital business.