Using digital identities to secure communications

Using digital identities to secure communications

As businesses continue on their journey to become more customer-centric, many are also discovering the importance of customer identity as a way of differentiating their offering and creating a competitive advantage.

Digital identity is evolving rapidly from a pure-play security focussed capability into a key element of customer engagement strategies. Aimed at satisfying and creating value across their existing customer base whilst also attracting new customers, growing the company to new heights. Simply put, businesses that are elevating their approach to customer and employee identity, beyond merely security compliance are transforming the approach to creating value on many different fronts.


The Covid pandemic has accelerated businesses’ approaches to digital identity, with remote employee working and customer engagement being the main drivers of this change. Digital identity’s central role in enhancing and optimising the customer experience – being together, seamless use and accessibility with security, privacy and compliance should be at the centre of every businesses digital transformation agenda today.


Amilah has over ten years worth of experience delivering Identity Management services in global businesses to understand how critical a clear identity strategy is to the success of any meaningful digital transformation. Businesses can position themselves to deliver new products and services with enhanced speed, agility and competitiveness – supporting their customer choices on privacy, and consent, while optimising security via authentication and authorisation methods such as biometrics based on physical or behavioural attributes or imaging- such as face or iris recognition.


Conversely, organisations ignoring the advantages of digital identity capabilities can expect to fall behind in the race to provide services and experiences that customers and employees have come to expect. The pandemic has forced business & technology executives to invest in their digital strategies to ensure they can sustain their business operations whilst under lockdown but also it provides an advantage once the restrictions start to be relaxed. The bounce in the global economy should not be underestimated, and businesses that are out of step will find that their digital capability gaps will be amplified against their competitors.


“Businesses failing to integrate digital identity within their post-COVID digital strategy not only risk fragmented, disjointed customer experiences but will lack the ability to capitalise on their customer data, predictive analytics and insights that are the bedrock for continuous improvement and decision making” says Carl Warnell, Director of Amilah Consulting. “Worse, a lack of holistic thinking around digital identity may fail to protect customer privacy, and consent, choices along with confidential data. Identity management has evolved significantly over the past year to align with changing customer behaviours but also hybrid working patterns of employees. Companies need to invest in best-in-class cloud identity solutions that they can grow with your business and ensure they are not displaced by more agile competitors.”


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