Making It Safe for Your People to Work Remotely

 Security Tips for Enabling Your Teams to Work Outside the Office

Security Risks to Watch for When People Work Remotely

Having people work remotely changes many things. Assumptions about how your people get to apps in the cloud or on-site—and how you protect them—often can be turned inside out. You can use our Forcepoint solutions to help your enterprise stay safe and your people productive as they:

  • Use business email, including clicking on links
  • Access websites and content from home or public WiFi networks  
  • Log in to and store data in your cloud-based business apps  
  • Connect back into your enterprise network for internal apps and data 


You’ve probably already begun adopting cloud-based applications and allowing some people to work from the road or at home. But processes that worked for a small number of people may not function well at scale. If you’ve already deployed Forcepoint products for office-based use, a few small changes can let you use what you already have to protect people as they work from home or other off-site locations.


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