Are you providing employees with the best possible tools to thrive whilst working from home?

Are you providing employees with the best possible tools to thrive whilst working from home?


Whilst we are experiencing a global pandemic, whether you are keen on the WFH model or not, it’s quickly become essential. Even though Unified communications as a service (UCaaS) is not a new concept, within our current climate, many businesses have had to adopt the concept in order to achieve optimal WFH successes.


How are you supporting your employees during WFH?


From increasing employee productivity, to reducing IT spend, the benefits of UCaaS are endless- However, many businesses are now coming to realise that it’s not only advantageous, but also critical for business continuity. By giving employees access to crucial tools on the cloud, business leaders are eliminating any potential risk of efficiency faltering if an office has to shut down.

Whilst we perhaps looked at UCaaS as a ‘quick fix’ or a tool to fill in the gap during the pandemic, businesses are now realising that the hybrid working model is here to stay, and that UCaaS will bridge the gap between the office and remote working. So, let’s have a look at some of the benefits of using UCaaS for your hybrid working model!



What are the benefits of incorporating UCaaS?

The main goal of UCaaS is to take out the issue of location whilst working, allowing workers to become more flexible ensuring that they have the necessary tools to collaborate with other members of their team. The fact that workers can be in any location, and still maintain a high standard of work without being chained to a desk, is a a key element of why UCaaS is becoming a must-have. There is an element of flexibility that allows remote workers being able to pitch in with ideas and perspectives whilst some workers could be in an office as everybody has the same technology, and everybody can enjoy the same functionality, wherever they are!


UCaaS has become growingly popular as businesses have started to realise the effects it has on their workers productivity. Staff members are able to work collaborativley, saving your business not only money but also time, wherever they are. Furthermore, where people think that distance between employees can cause problems in terms of communication, it’s actually the opposite- this is where the UCaaS offering of real-time analytics has changed the game over the last 12 months. By using analytics, companies are able to become more aware and reactive of trends that are happening, which they are then able to act on to provide a more efficient service.


Another major benefit of incorporating UCaaS into your business is the data security aspect that it offers. You are able to work with a provider in order to securely store your information in a data centre that suits you! Furthermore, tools such as encryption support security further, giving you and your business the peace of mind that it needs.



How CW Squared can help

The UCaaS model provides a variety benefits as discussed above, and it is no longer an option, but now a vital must-have! However, it’s essential to make sure that you have the right set up for your company, to allow all the benefits to become apparent through your employees successes. That’s where CW Squared comes in.

Contact CW Squared to find out how we can help you incorporate the best solution for your team, allowing them to not only mirror in the office results, but beat them!