A seamless transition to WFH

A seamless transition to WFH


When the pandemic began last March, it was up to companies to shift their strategy to focus on the digital world, rather than the physical. With the more flexible companies having a clear advantage, it was time for everybody to try to adapt to the new norm.


I think it’s fair to say that most businesses aren’t planning a return to the office anytime soon- But, why would they? Workers are more affordable, more productive and happier too. With that being said, it’s time to look at a long term fix for remote working- That’s where UCaaS comes in!


How has WFH affected your workers?

It’s crucial for workers to have the tools that they would have access to in an office, to mirror the productivity and success that they would have in an office, at home. Rather than having a number of solutions that just don’t talk to each other, you can keep productivity at a high with UCaaS through allowing staff to access all the functionality that they need through a single phone system. This allows staff a more flexible way to work, but the question is- how do you optimise your UCaaS solutions to get the best results?

What are the benefits of incorporating in a UCaaS?

So, let’s look at some benefits- With many UCaas solutions having data centres all around the world, you are able to bring new staff members onboard from anywhere around the world, virtually. Not only this, but many aren’t aware that you can combine UCaaS with CCaaS as well- Meaning, you are able to bring environments together so it is easy for your employees to handle customer concerns and teamwork, all in the same space, leaving customer satisfaction at an all time high!


Adding to this, through the use of automation, you can record information securely from conversations and set up systems to take notes during meetings- what does this mean for you staff? It means less time spent on repetitive work, and more time spent on smashing other challenges! AI also offers the same gains, with freeing up employees time by responding to queries and issues for your employees.


How CW Squared can help 

We are aware that with times changing and many companies having been thrown in the deep end with the suddenly of the pandemic, that no one could prepare for- but as technology continues to power the modern workforce, we’re realising that it is not one-size-fits-all. That’s where we can help. At CW Squared, we can make sure you have the right UCaaS environment to suit your WFH employees and make sure it fits perfectly with all of your technology.

So, whilst we’re all getting used to the new norm and adjusting to a long term shift of remote working, make sure that you have the right solution for complete optimisation of staff and results!

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