Your Path to Zero Trust

Practical Steps to Achieve a Continuous Zero Trust Model

Zero Trust is more than a buzz phrase

It’s a new paradigm way of implementing cybersecurity that has taken on new urgency for increasingly distributed organisations

This guide takes you through the Zero Trust paradigm and what to look for in a Zero Trust solution. In this ebook, you’ll find out:

  • How remote working is turning the cybersecurity landscape upside down
  • How using VPNs for remote workers creates so many problems
  • Why controlling how data is used is as important as controlling how it’s accessed
  • The pillars of modern Zero Trust: explicitly granted access and ongoing control of data usage – tied together with continuous monitoring to validate trust and risk levels
  • Why Zero Trust is getting so much attention now (such as from SASE, NIST, and others)
  • What to look for when procuring Zero Trust solutions


“Never trust, always verify. Every time.”