Zoom Rooms: Not just a conference room

Zoom Rooms: Not just a conference room

As you all know how and where we work is changing. At CW Squared we are working with Zoom to come up with new and innovate ways to ensure it is safe and easy for your employees to return to the office.



From the moment you enter the office you can check in virtually through the Zoom Rooms Kiosk ensuring additional checks, such as temperature, are completed without risk to your employees. In your public spaces, you can push out digital signage content like your capacity limits or your safety protocols, and then outside of your meeting rooms, you can see how many people are in the room before you even enter. And the great thing about this is not only are you providing your employees with valuable information, IT admins can check things like the co2 level air quality and room occupancy straight from the Zoom dashboard.


Once in a meeting room you can start your meeting completely touch free using voice commands. Zoom then leverages AI for the Zoom Rooms Smart Gallery to combine the faces of the meeting attendees. Regardless of the social distance you are presented with the individual video feeds to have a better face to face conversation.


And finally Zoom Rooms offers a complete workplace management solution. Your employees can reserve hot desks remotely ensuring you can better manage the spaces within your office and with Facilities Management teams being able to check real-time status of their offices straight from the Zoom Dashboard.


At CW Squared we understand that managing hybrid workforces and reentering the office is going to be a challenge. So we are working with Zoom to make that transition as smooth as possible.


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